About Us

Cozy Cabin Adventures is a family owned business which started operation in 2015.  We purchased our first cabin to utilize as a family getaway that we could share with our 4 children. 

The inspiration came from Paul’s grandfather, who had been member of a cabin (he called it “camp”) in North Central Pennsylvania for more than 70 years.  This cabin was the site of hundreds of vacations, reunions and honeymoons for our family.  For several years following his grandfather’s passing, we rented a cabin on the same mountain to maintain tradition.  Eventually this cabin, named Firedog, went up for sale and we jumped at the chance to buy it.  We were cabin owners! 

Fast forward a few years and we were hiking together and talking about how much fun it would be to share our cabin.  We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to create their own special memories.  That is when we started Cozy Cabin Adventures.  One by one we added cabins to our portfolio. We chose cabins that we thought provided the best getaway experience.  Rustic, cozy and comfortable.  We believe you will find these charactertistics in all of our cabins.  

It is hard for us to believe that we now own and manage 8 cabins in two states.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We look forward to sharing our cabins with you, your friends and family. 

Enjoy your cabin retreat!

Annette, Paul, Aidan, Josh, Sean and Sarah

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